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The PCC's Police and Crime Plan

Police and crime plan document front cover

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Introduction from the Police and Crime Commissioner

I am delighted the public of Lincolnshire have supported my election for a second term as the county’s police and crime commissioner (PCC).

Much work has already been done to transform Lincolnshire Police into one of the most effective and efficient forces in the country but I know more must be done to build on those solid foundations.

Thankfully we have emerged from the worst ravages of the pandemic – but the legacy of the lockdown has meant an increased demand on mental health services and, in turn, policing.

We will build on the ground-breaking work we delivered in my first Plan and the positive relations fostered across the public sector during the covid crisis to work together effectively with local authorities and wider criminal justice partners to prevent crime, respond to vulnerability and find joined-up solutions. I will ensure that every effort is made locally to support our communities in preventing, tackling and reducing crime and I will, where appropriate, align our delivery of service with published national documents.

The appointment of a Chief Constable was a key decision to keep our communities safer and I will work tirelessly alongside the Chief Constable over the coming years to see a reduction in crime, deliver enhanced policing to protect our communities and to make residents both feel and be even safer.

The expected impacts of climate change have come into sharper focus and I will work with the force to ensure that a robust and sustained approach is taken to support our environment.

I intend to work with National Government to make the case for Lincolnshire getting an appropriate share of the national funding, as well as continuing to maximise opportunities to bring additional funding into the county.

That work will be aided by my election as Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners until 2023. The role involves representing all Police and Crime Commissioners in discussions with national organisations and Government to influence policy and policing priorities across the country.

This will also provide the opportunity for me to ensure that the issues important to Lincolnshire are voiced at a national level.

I believe in meaningful consultation and have consulted extensively with the public and partners to inform the Plan.

I will continue to engage with communities to ensure the objectives of the Plan remain up to date and relevant because collectively we have a better chance of being Safer Together.

Marc Jones

Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire


Key Principles

The key principles within the Police and Crime Plan are 

  • Community safety and prevention in partnership
  • Listening, responding and being accountable
  • Protecting and supporting victims and the vulnerable
  • Policing that works


Community safety and prevention in partnership

I am committed to building on and strengthening collaborative working with all our partners – across policing, local and national government, health, parliamentarians, criminal justice, and the voluntary sector. It is only through working together that we can successfully tackle some of the big system wide issues and make a real difference to the communities we serve.

I plan to bring all partners together to work towards reducing crime. This includes councils, health services, probation, voluntary and community organisations, the courts and the public. Resources are limited and the more we do together the safer we all will be. Prevention is critical to success. Spending time and money after a crime is committed and harm has been done is less effective than working to stop crime through good prevention. We need to focus on those crimes and offenders that cause the most harm and reduce their impact. I will also work with communities to increase active citizenship and reduce dependency and demand by engaging them in identifying the issues and providing funding to pilot community led solutions.


Listening, responding and being accountable

Effective engagement with all sections of the community, partners and the public is a fundamental part of my role as PCC; representing the public and their voice in policing. I recognise that the needs and concerns of communities differ and that we cannot adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to consultation and engagement. Everyone deserves a say in what we do and I will listen and respond to voices across the county and will engage with all communities. I will ensure that engagement is fair and representative in terms of geography, demography, and identity, and includes those who may be underrepresented, seldom heard or disengaged.

I will undertake ongoing engagement, recognising that need, opinions and perceptions change over time. I also recognise that public expectations of how they interact with policing and the wider Criminal Justice System are changing and we need to be responsive to this, providing a range of mechanisms for communication in both the real world and the virtual. I will use my role to hold partners as well as the police to account for what they do so that all public money is used wisely to provide effective, responsive services. I will explore opportunities to work collaboratively with partner agencies to minimise duplication and share skills, resources and the results of consultation and engagement activity across partner agencies.


Protecting and supporting victims and the vulnerable

I will continue to place victims of crime at the heart of my thinking, my policies and my actions. Working in partnership with Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adults Board and Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children’s Partnership we will maximise the opportunities we all have to safeguard the vulnerable of all ages from abuse and criminal exploitation and to improve community safety. I will provide supportive leadership and transparency for the criminal justice system at a local level, whilst respecting prosecutorial and judicial independence. The new probation model offers an opportunity to further develop joint working with the Probation Service to take forward work on preventing offending and reducing re-offending which I will fully embrace.


Policing that works

Effective enforcement, help and assistance when you need it are critical to policing that works. I will hold the Chief Constable to account for the services he provides and ensure he continues to innovate and transform the service and gives the frontline officers the “right tools for the job” to respond to the diverse needs of our communities. I will continue to champion the need for appropriate funding for all Lincolnshire public services but especially for policing to support community safety and effective prevention, tackling and reducing crime across our county. Policing is about so much more than crime and I will continue to work with the force and communities to ensure that the wide range of duties placed upon the police are resourced and delivered.


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Community safety and prevention in partnership

The key priorities under 'community safety and prevention in partnership'.

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Listening, responding and being accountable

The key priorities under 'listening, responding and being accountable'.

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Protecting and supporting victims and the vulnerable

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Policing that works

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Achievements so far

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