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See all of the events / meetings that the PCC attended at Lincolnshire County Council, Newland Offices in 2019

January 4

PCC attended a meeting with Lincolnshire County Council Leader Martin Hill

January 11

PCC attended City Intervention Strategic Group meeting

January 18

PCC attended Greater Lincolnshire Leaders & Chief Executives Meeting

January 28

PCC attended Lincolnshire Safeguarding Boards Scrutiny Subgroup meeting

February 10

PCC attended a service for the High Sheriff's Lincolnshire Legal Service

February 21

PCC attended a funeral service for ex Sheriff of Lincoln, Roy South

March 13

PCC attended Safer Lincolnshire Partnership Oversight Scrutiny Board meeting

March 26

PCC attended Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board

April 2

PCC had a meeting with Patricia Bradwell, Lincolnshire County Council