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Lincolnshire Youth Commission


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What is the Lincolnshire Youth Commission on Police, Crime and Community Safety? 

The Lincolnshire Youth Commission focuses on giving young people a stronger voice in raising policing and crime issues within their local communities. The Youth Commission members work closely with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to challenge and inform the work of the PCC and Lincolnshire Police.

The Youth Commission engages with young people through peer-led workshops that provide young people with a space to comfortably and confidently speak to their peers. All the responses gathered during the Big Conversation are analysed by the Youth Commission members to create the key findings and recommendations. This is then presented to the PCC, the Police and local partners in this report.

A key element of the Youth Commission members role is to gather the views of young people through peer-to-peer engagement. This is a strength of the project, as it provides young people with a safe environment to talk to their peers about key issues in their communities. This peer-led approach allows for more honest information to be collected.

 Tables of young people and partners in conversation


Lincolnshire Youth Commission 2021-22 ‘Big Conversation’ and final report

On 3 March 2022, Lincolnshire Youth Commission held their 'Big Conversation' conference at Bridge Central in Lincoln, presenting to a range of professionals from the Office of the PCC, Lincolnshire Police and other partner agencies.

Youth Commission members presented their key findings from over 1,300 conversations with young people across Lincolnshire. Within their presentation, members provided recommendations to the PCC, Lincolnshire Police and key partners.

Topics included:

  • Safer Communities
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Mental Health
  • Exploitation and Violence Affecting Children and Young People
  • Young People and their Relationship with Police
  • Stopping Abuse

These priorities were selected by the Youth Commission members as the top 6 key issues that are important to young people living in Lincolnshire.

The commission are currently developing a final report, which will be uploaded to this page.

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