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The Cyber Helpline

Everyone has a right to security and privacy online. Cyber crime can have devastating effects and victims need the right expertise and guidance as soon as possible. The Cyber Helpline can provide immediate online help through their online chatbot and a human volunteer helpline service to help those who need more support.

What is The Cyber Helpline?

The Cyber Helpline is a free, confidential helpline for individuals who have been a victim of cyber crime. They can help you contain, recover and learn from cyber attacks by linking you with cyber security technology & experts who provide relevant advice and guidance.

Their Vision

To ensure everyone in the UK has immediate access to professional help in the event of a cyber crime to minimise the impact on the individual.

 Their Aims

    • To help victims of cyber crime contain, recover and learn from cyber attacks.
    • To be the authoritative voice representing UK citizens in ensuring private and public sector organisations take full responsibility for protecting individuals, pre and post cyber breaches.
    • To provide Individuals at all stages of their IT and IT security careers a way to volunteer while also gaining valuable cyber security skills. Providing a way to help bridge the gap in the shortage of cyber skills.
    • To be a strong, diverse and effective not for profit organisation.