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Restorative Justice (RJ)

Restorative justice is a victim-centred process which supports a victim to communicate safely with the person who has caused them harm. Restorative justice helps victims to deal with the questions, the emotions and the stress caused by that harm and the person who has caused it. This enables victims to move on with their lives. This gives you the opportunity to meet or otherwise communicate with the offender to tell them how you have been affected by the crime and to give them the opportunity to account for what they have done, take responsibility and try to make amends. To take this course you should speak to your Victim Liaison Officer at the Police.

To find out about what Restorative Justice is, why you should access it, the Restorative Justice process, other people’s experiences of it, when the right time to use Restorative Justice is and to find out more about Restorative Justice in the Lincolnshire area visit Lincolnshire Police.