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Community trigger

What is the community trigger?

The community trigger is a process in which you can request a review of the response to your anti-social behaviour complaint.

It brings agencies such as the police, local council and housing providers together to review the investigation of your case.  It also aims to ensure that you have received an appropriate response.

The Community Trigger does not replace our own complaints procedure.  You still have the right to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman or Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) if you are unhappy about the service received from an individual officer or agency. 

Who can apply?

The community trigger can be used by anyone - individuals, businesses or community groups.

To meet requirements for a Community Trigger the following criteria needs to be met:

An individual or community has reported the same problem 3 or more times in the past 6 months to the Council, Police or Registered Social Landlord and that those reports were made within one month of the alleged incident(s).

Or where there is…

  • Persistent anti-social behaviour
  • Serious harm or potential for harm caused by the anti-social behaviour
  • Concern about the adequacy of the response to anti-social behaviour.

What can you expect?

Once you have made a request for a community trigger, your council Community Safety Team will ask the agencies involved to provide details of your complaints and the actions taken.

Your request will then be scheduled for discussion at the next Anti-Social Behaviour Risk Assessment Conference (a monthly multi-agency meeting).

You will be sent a letter acknowledging receipt of your request and the date of this meeting. 

At the meeting, partner agencies will carry out an initial assessment to consider if the criteria has been met and the actions that are needed.

If your request does not meet the criteria, a review will not be carried out and you will be informed by letter of the outcome. 

If your request does meet the criteria, the group will undertake a review on how partners have responded and make recommendations on how the problem can be resolved.

A response will be sent to you by the Community Safety Team, explaining the outcome of your review.

If you are unhappy with the way your application was dealt with, or the way the review was carried out, you can contact the Chair of your Local Community Safety Partnership for an evaluation of your case to ensure the correct procedures have been followed.

How do I make a request?

To request a community trigger, visit your local council’s website for details.

North Kesteven District Council

Kesteven Street
NG34 7EF
01529 414155 or 01522 699699

South Kesteven District Council

Council Offices
St Peter's Hill
NG31 6PZ
01476 406080

City of Lincoln Council

City Hall
Beaumont Fee
01522 873378

West Lindsey District Council

Marshalls Yard
DN21 2NA
01427 676676

East Lindsey District Council

Tedder Hall
Manby Park
LN11 8UP
01507 600206

South Holland District Council

Council Offices
Priory Road
PE11 2XE
01775 761161

Boston Borough Council

West St
PE21 8QR
01205 314318

Please do not call the police to report a trigger. Contact your local authority*

Community trigger reports

The community trigger reports provide a quarterly update on how the community trigger is being used across Lincolnshire.  They include details on:

  • The number of reviews requested
  • The number of reviews not meeting the threshold
  • The number of reviews meeting the threshold, and
  • Any recommendations made as a result of a review

The reports can be downloaded from the Lincolnshire Police website