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Public Assurance Meetings

Public Assurance Meetings are one of the primary mechanisms by which the PCC meets his statutory responsibility to hold the Chief Constable to account. The meetings focus on the performance of Lincolnshire Police and provide assurance regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of policing services.

 For more detailed information on the Public Assurance Meetings please click here

The next Public Assurance Meeting will take place on Monday 12th August 2019 at the Council Chamber of Lincolnshire County Council. 

The meetings provide the opportunity for the public to attend and observe the discussions between the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police.

Click on this link to listen to the meeting live at 2pm on the day of 12th of August 2019.

Please click on the appropriate links below for more information:


Chief Constable's Performance Report

Appendix A- Officer Dashboard

Appendix B- Staff Dashboard

Technical Annex


Public Questions

Prior to the meeting, the public can submit a written question on the performance of Lincolnshire Police.

Click on this link for guidance on how to ask a question

12th August 2019 meeting: The deadline for question submission is Friday 2nd of August 2019.


Previous Meetings

Click on this link to view the archived documents and recordings of the previous Public Assurance Meetings





Public Assurance Meeting Archive 12.08.19

Public Assurance Meeting Archive 02.08.19

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How to ask a question

Guidance on how to ask a question for the Public Assurance Meetings

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Archive of Public Questions

Archive of Public Questions

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