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Lincolnshire PCC Marc Jones First ever PCC to be re-selected for 2020 election

  • Published: 08-09-2018 at 11:09

Lincolnshire PCC Marc Jones has become the first police and crime commissioner in the UK to be re-selected for the 2020 election.

Mr Jones, who has been the county’s commissioner since his election in 2016, was re-selected to stand in two years’ time, after a meeting at the weekend.

Members of the county’s Area Conservative Association attended the selection meeting at Bishop Grosseteste University and after a short presentation and questions Mr Jones was unanimously elected to stand as their candidate.

It is unusual for elected officials to be reselected so far in advance of an election and, according to party officials, is a clear indication of the confidence in the work Mr Jones has already done.

Lincolnshire area chairman Mark Storer said party members wanted to send a clear signal of the complete support they had for Mr Jones.

“There’s no doubt it has been a challenging period in which to oversee policing in the county. Marc has had to grapple with funding issues, bringing policing into the 21st century and balance the needs of both rural and urban policing,” he said.

“Marc has handled that process with tremendous dedication, commitment and intelligence and members wanted to demonstrate their support of the work he has already done and the confidence in him to meet the challenges of the future.

“We are unwavering in our belief that he is the right man to ensure the people of Lincolnshire get the most effective and efficient police force possible.”

Mr Jones said he was delighted to receive backing from the party so far in advance of the Mat 2020 PCC elections.

“To be reselected so early in the process is great news and very humbling. I’m extremely grateful for all the support I have received from party colleagues.

“It allows me to focus my energies on the important work of ensuring the policing and victim services provided for the people of this county are the best possible.

“There’s no doubt there are some adversities on the horizon with funding, the changing nature of crime, and transforming services to meet those hurdles but I am determined that Lincolnshire will get the excellence it deserves.”