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PCC in Lincolnshire

To understand more about the PCC position within Lincolnshire, It would be pertinent to understand what work the PCC has got involved with over the last 5 years.


Police and Crime Plan for Lincolnshire 2017 – 2021: This plan outlines the key aims and goals for the PCC during their term. Click Here to read.

PCC’s Annual Report 2018-2019: This annual report lays out what the PCC has done over the past year relating to the key principles outlined in the Police and Crime Plan. Click Here to read.

Public Assurance Meetings: These meetings are one of the main ways in which a PCC can hold the Chief Constable to account. The meetings focus on the performance of Lincolnshire Police and provide assurance regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of policing services. Click Here for more information.

Chief Constable’s Monthly reports: These reports written by the Chief Constable focus on detailing the current local, regional and national policing issues. Click here to read.

Revenue Budget and Capital Programme: The Police and Crime Commissioner consults with the Chief Constable in planning the annual budget which includes a separate force budget. Click Here for more information.

HMICFRS Reports: The HMICFRS independently assess police forces and policing activity, from neighbourhood teams to serious crime and the fight against terrorism, in the public interest. Click Here for more information.

Quarterly Performance Reports: The quarterly performance measures the police force’s performance across several different areas. Click Here for more information.

PCC/CC Joint Independent Audit Committee: JIAC provides independent advice to both the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner on methods of good practice and effective assurance arrangements are in place. Click Here for more info.

Regional Collaboration: Collaborating allows policing and non-policing bodies to work together to increase their joint efficiency and is a key tool in achieving effective policing. Click Here to read more.

Victim Services: The responsibility for commissioning emotional and practical support services for Victims was passed to PCCs in 2014. Click Here to read more.

Police and Crime Panel: The purpose of this panel is to scrutinise the PCC in their ability to hold the Chief Constable to account. Click Here for more information.