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Candidate Briefing Papers

Here there will be important briefing documents for prospective candidates.


The Electoral Commission has produced guidance and resource documents for Candidates and Agents. This information can be found here:


EMSOU: The East Midlands Special Operation Unit (EMSOU) is a collaboration between forces within the East Midlands region which aims to tackle organised crime, major crime, and terrorism as well as delivering comprehensive forensic services. To read more Click Here


ICVA: PCCs have a statutory duty to maintain a local Independent Custody Visiting scheme comprising volunteers from the local community who make regular visits to police custody to check on the welfare of detained persons and to ensure that they have received their rights and entitlements under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. To read more Click Here.

The Independent Custody Visiting Association (ICVA) has produced an informative video, which can be viewed by Clicking Here


Purdah: This is pre-election period between when the election has been announced and the final results being announced.


Joint Protocol: The joint protocol details how the OPCC and Lincolnshire Police will conduct themselves throughout the election period.