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2020 PCC Election

Lincolnshire will soon be having an election for the Police and Crime Commissioner role within the OPCC.

What is the PCC?

The Police and Crime Commissioner's role is to represent the people of Lincolnshire on policing matters and hold the police to account. PCCs aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within their force area. The PCC is unique in that it is a role elected by the public which makes it unlike any other role in the policing environment. For more information on the role of the PCC, please see the About the role of a PCC section on our website.

If you have any queries, please direct them to John King at:

  • Email: or Phone: 01522947227

Roles and Responsibilities

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PCC in Lincolnshire

Read more about the PCC's function in Lincolnshire

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The Electoral Process

Read more about the process of the election

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Key Organisations

Read more on the organisations linked to the PCC

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Candidate Briefing Papers

Read briefing papers relevant to prospective candidates

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