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View all of the events and meetings that PCC Marc Jones attended or hosted at Lincolnshire Police HQ in 2020.


6th January

  • PCC attended an event where he signed the Armed Forces Covenants with Military Reps and the Chief Constable.

12th January

  • PCC attended the Special Constable Attestation Ceremony

28th January

  • PCC attended a meeting regarding the Specialist Capabilities Programme Update
  • PCC attended a meeting regarding 'Positive Enforcement'



3rd February

  • PCC attended a teleconference SOC Review Steering Group

5th February

  • PCC met with University of Birmingham Doctoral Researcher

10th February

  • PCC attended a teleconference around a SOC review  

11th February

  • PCC attended a visit from the Home Office around commissioning of Sexual Violence Services

13th February

  • PCC attended meeting with Premier League Kicks Programme
  • PCC had a meeting with Chief Crown Prosecutor Janine Smith

20th February

  • PCC met with the Chair of the force IAG David Williams